What is Dedicated Contract Carriage?

Shipping, whether domestic or international, is a highly complex and regulated industry. With 11 billion tons and around 90% of global trade conducted by freight annually, Dedicated Contract Carriage serves to benefit both parties. Keep reading if you’ve been looking into expedited logistics and freight services and need to learn more about Dedicated Contract Carriage services for your business.

Dedicated Contract Carriage Simplified

Dedicated Contract Carriage is nothing more than a legal document that binds the freight carrier and the shipper. It’s essentially a document that records in writing that the carrier agrees to move the shipper’s goods from point A to point B. The shipper’s part of the contract agrees to pay for the service. It will lay out the goods in detail and the dates and times that both parties agree on. The contract isn’t limited to truck freights but includes all methods like air and by sea. And it can vary depending on the situation.

For example, when you purchase a ticket with United Airlines, you also agree to Dedicated Contract Carriage. In this case, the agreement would apply to the baggage you take along and to yourself as the passenger. In any standard or expedited freight shipping, liabilities in the contract include:

•Carrier agrees to take reasonable care of cargo
•Shipper to accurately describe the cargo
•Shipper compensation if the shipment is late, damaged, or lost in transport

However, the liability for the cargo is nulled one year after it’s delivered. That’s why it’s crucial to select an expedited freight shipping company that provides a dedicated solution tailored to your company.


A Layer of Security

Most expedited freight systems have contingencies in place to prevent any damage or lost cargo incidents from occurring. However, unforeseen incidents like extreme weather conditions could damage the cargo or cause it to be lost. Having a signed Dedicated Contract Carriage provides a sense of relief and peace. It’s there to clarify any miscommunication factually and to prevent your blood pressure from rising. This is because the contract clearly states which party is liable and potential compensation. As a business owner, you’ll likely have a significant amount of money invested in the cargo you ship. So you can consider Dedicated Contract Carriage as indispensable protection of your goods.


Emergency Situations

What do you do when your primary distributor is holding up your schedule?

Companies can contact expediting shipping companies to handle emergency jobs on a situational basis. You can rest assured that even if it’s the first time you work with an expedited logistics company, Dedicated Contract Carriage will be there to protect you.


Choosing the Right Expedited Logistics and Freight Company

Similar to how selective you are when you choose your regular barbershop, you must be as selective when choosing the company you sign Dedicated Contract Carriage with.

Transervice provides a completely tailored solution for your transportation needs. Get in touch with one of our specialists to see how Transervice can reduce your costs, lower your carbon footprint, and provide peace of mind.

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