Transervice In The News – Are your trucks clean? Why first impressions matter.

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Are your trucks clean? Why first impressions matter.

As featured in FleetOwner -Perspectives – Gino Fontana, COO and EVP at Transervice Logistics Inc.

When someone sees one of your trucks on the road, what impression do they come away with? The condition of your trucks can be the first impression a potential customer has of your company. We’ve all heard the phrase that “trucks are rolling billboards.” Despite being overused, that phrase is also accurate.

Take a walk out into your yard and observe for yourself the condition of your trucks. In winter especially, it can be challenging to keep trucks clean, and truck washing is often viewed as an expense rather than an investment.

Much of the country saw significant snowfall in January, and along with that snowfall came the application of de-icing chemicals to roads. The chemicals used for de-icing are highly corrosive, so there is a practical reason to keep trucks clean in the winter. The longer the de-icing chemicals stay on a truck’s undercarriage, the more damage they do.

Operating in places that don’t see the ravages of winter does not mean you can avoid the truck wash. Even in moderate climates, dirt, debris, and grime from the road can get into components, where they can become a problem.

One key benefit of a clean truck is that it allows you to see things wrong with it. When a component is covered in layers of dirt, it can be challenging to spot a developing problem.

In addition, your truck’s appearance can attract the attention of a compliance, safety, and accountability inspector—and not necessarily in a good way. Inspectors can choose which vehicles to pull over for inspection. A dirty truck may raise a red flag about the truck’s maintenance, causing the inspector to want to take a closer look.

Clean trucks are also part of your driver retention practices. Top-notch drivers take pride in the way their trucks look. Consider the cost of truck wash as part of your driver recruiting and retention efforts.

While truck washing is not free, keeping your trucks clean pays big dividends. Make the investment and see the payoff in happier drivers, an improved image among customers and prospects, and an easier time spotting developing maintenance issues.


Gino Fontana, CTP, is COO and EVP at Transervice Logistics Inc. Prior to this, he was VP of operations at Berkeley Division and Puerto Rico. He has more than 35 years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry with both operational and sales experience.

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