Blog Post: Tom Poduch Nominated and Elected Chairman of the TMW Final Mile Product Advisory Council

Since its formal inception, Tom (Director of Logistics Design, Transervice) was nominated and elected as Chairman of the Council (known within TMW as the “PAC” – Product Advisory Council). Tom will now be elected to his third consecutive term – each term is two years.  Congratulations Tom on this honor and achievement!

The TMW Final Mile Product Advisory Council is a product advisory group which consists of a mix of existing clients that meet the board’s criteria. The board had always been in existence, however very informal. Since TMW (and then Trimble) purchased Appian several years ago, they insisted that a formal board is developed. There are several boards now which covers all of their general product groups.

The responsibilities of the board are to meet in person twice per year, and telephonically twice per year, to review, recommend and prioritize product bugs and enhancements based on the voice of their customer base. The products that are advised on are Direct Route, Resource Pro, Transportation Modeler, DR Track, Tour Pro and Schedule Pro. Collectively these products are now being branded as “TMW Appian FinalMile.”