To wear a mask…or wear a mask

By Joseph Evangelist

Executive Vice President, Transervice
As originally appeared in FleetOwner Magazine’s IdeaXchange

There seems to be some ongoing conversation on the subject of masks — specifically whether to wear them or not.

Here at Transervice, there is no debate. We see masks as both a respect and a safety issue. We wear masks for the safety of our co-workers, customers and their families. From our research, they are the only things that have been proven to slow the spread of the COVID virus.

Masks are one of several elements in our overall safety arsenal in response to COVID-19. Others include:

  • Technicians cleaning trucks they work on including door handles, shift knobs, armrests, steering wheels, etc.
  • Drivers doing similar cleaning as part of their pre-trip and post-trip inspections.
  • Everyone in our facilities using antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer.
  • Our shops, break rooms, restrooms, and workbenches cleaned as often as practical.
  • No one is allowed to enter any of our facilities without a mask.
  • We intercept parts deliveries outside the shop when possible.

We take all of these steps because safety is one thing that we — and I suspect lots of other companies — have placed a high value on, even before the pandemic. We are concerned about it every day.

Safety is not something that can be taken lightly by the trucking industry and the entire industry has demonstrated that by its response to the safety threat presented by COVID-19. I hope I am not overstepping things by saying the entire industry will continue to do what we deem necessary to see that people get the goods they want and need while at the same time keeping everyone in the supply chain as safe as we possibly can.

As for Transervice, with the benefits of wearing a face covering so compelling, we require the wearing of a face-covering where social distancing cannot be maintained. It is the only thing that has proven to be effective in slowing the spread of the virus. With Florida becoming the new epicenter for the novel coronavirus, Sen. Marco Rubio recently ended a message with reporters saying, “and everyone should just wear a damn mask, like you are, and I am…”

Not bad advice when you think about it.


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