Blog Post:  Tires, tools and technical advice from Transervice

Tires are one of the leading reasons for road calls as well as DOT fines. In addition, tires are also a contributing reason for lack of MPG and rising costs in fleet maintenance. How can something which is so easy to seen be so neglected? The answer lies in not taking the time to inspect tires pre & post-trip with the correct tools. If you inspect the tire picture below you will notice a number of items that are supported by the tire but are actual items which support good tire performance.
Do your drivers have these tools? Better yet, have you equipped your tires with “inflate through valve stems“?  If you answered YES then we say congrats. If NO then why not? This simple device makes it easy to check for proper inflation.

+ air gauge + 32nd tire gauge + tire thumper + driver monitoring = Safety, DOT compliance and $ to your company’s bottom line. At this upcoming national roadside inspection, DOT enforcement officers will not walk past your tires. Will you? Be ready…. Be safe.…Be DOT.
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