Career Advancement Series: Scott Rockwell

Scott Rockwell
Safety Manager
Account: King Sooper Mountain Division

In the 20 years before Scott Rockwell joined Transervice, he spent 18 years on the road as a driver for Shamrock Foods. For his remaining two years there, he served as Area Manager of the company’s drivers.

When he made the move to Transervice in 2020, Scott again signed on as a driver for the company’s King Sooper Mountain Division customer, a supermarket brand of Kroger, where he delivered food to its stores in the Denver Metro Front Range area.

When the Division’s Safety Manager was promoted to a recruiter role, Scott felt he was ready to get back into management. He applied for the open position and got it. As Safety Manager, Scott is involved in the driver hiring process and works with his in-house drivers to conduct on-the-road training for new hires.

He also investigates accidents, injuries and traffic violations to determine the proper online follow-up training and monitors the Division’s preventive maintenance program to ensure that all drivers are safe in their vehicles before going on the road.

“The Transervice program has the ultimate goal of ensuring that all of its drivers arrive home safely to their families at the end of the day,” said Scott.

To keep safety top-of-mind all year long at King Sooper, Scott distributes monthly safety education pamphlets to the crew, sets-up online training programs as needed and oversees the Division’s Annual Safety Award recognition program, which includes gift card bonuses tied to individual safety records.

“I was ready for a new challenge,” said Scott, “and this position offers something new and different happening every day. It’s never by the textbooks.”

When Scott accompanies prospective drivers on their road test runs as part of the hiring process, he has the chance to talk to them informally about the company and his experience here.

“I tell them what a good company Transervice is to work for and how they like to promote from within. The job security, benefits and other opportunities we have here are a bonus. I relate my own story: here for only two years and have already been promoted to Safety Manager. Not every driver is cut out for management but those who are, have opportunities here.”

One of the perks of Scott’s management job is that more-often-than-not he makes it home on time for dinner in Orchard, Colorado with his wife Kim and when available, his 22-year-old twin children, Hannah and Scott, Jr.

“It’s a great lifestyle,” he says. ”I work normal hours and have time for my family, fishing and camping.”