LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. – February 28, 2023 

FleetOwner, the leading information source for North American truck fleet executives, has once again named Transervice Logistics Inc. to its 2023 Top 500 For-Hire Carriers List Transervice ranked No. 272 on this year’s Fleet Owner 500, up from 278 in 2022.

In announcing the rankings, Fleet Owner reported that volatility and various noteworthy mergers and acquisitions have directly impacted this year’s list of top for-hire carriers in North America.

Freight demand has been slower than previous seasonally adjusted norms to kick-start 2023. Equipment, diesel, and other carrier costs remain high, while truck utilization continues to fall from a pandemic-era capacity surge. Consequently, more small carriers have given up the for-hire authority they sought during the booming spot market of 2020 and 2021 in favor of more stable company driving jobs or have leased their services to larger fleets.”

“We are very proud to have enhanced our ranking on this year’s Fleet Owner 500 For-Hire Carriers List,” said Gregg Nierenberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of Transervice. “We continue to leverage the lessons learned during the pandemic and are continually streamlining and improving our services to help our customers operate their businesses more efficiently in this ever-changing transportation environment.”

Like past lists, rankings are based on power units reported to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) System as of November 30, 2022. This year’s information was analyzed by Fleet Owner’s data analysis partner, Prosper Fleet.

ProsperFleet relies primarily on the most recent information that entities filed on form MCS-150 with FMCSA to count power units, trailers, and drivers. This ensures a consistent “basis” (a level playing field) to compile information.

Analysts at ProsperFleet also use the companies’ websites, press releases, and hierarchy from their business databases to roll up U.S. Department of Transportation operating entities to a single parent company. ProsperFleet then cleanses, validates, standardizes, and enhances company and contact information to create a complete fleet view.

About Transervice

Founded in 1969, Transervice Logistics Inc. provides dedicated contract carriage, customized fleet maintenance and transportation solutions including logistics, fleet leasing, contract maintenance, and material handling equipment leasing and maintenance. It maintains more than 124 regional and local facilities across North America and manages over 24,500 pieces of equipment. The current workforce is comprised of 1,200 associates, including over 1000 drivers and technicians. The company headquarters is in Lake Success, NY.

About Fleet Owner

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