Blog Post: Lexington Transport – A Hard Won Battle

A safety and fork lift training class was only one reason John Walker, Transervice Vice President of Logistics, and Chris Miles, Regional Safety Manager, traveled to Lexington Transport, a Division of Do it Best in Lexington, SC, in early August.

Miles was his usual professional self while conducting his safety presentation inside the facility. But once outside in the parking lot, he ditched the corporate look and donned a Greek Trojan Battle Helmet to better motivate the “troops” during a spirited forklift training session.

The safety department was so impressed with their leader that they wondered aloud about making the helmet standard attire (and perhaps a new dress code for field personnel?). Miles definitely got the groups’ attention and will be forever addressed as Achilles the Warrior on company time

And as if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, the group also celebrated Lexington Transport receiving the On Time Delivery Award in recognition of the facility’s #1 ranking for on time delivery performance for all Do it Best locations during the fiscal year ending June 30th.

“This is no easy accomplishment and takes much coordination with the warehouse staff, our managers and drivers to keep our multiple stop delivery routes on time,” said John Walker. “My thanks go out to our Manager, Worth Rogers, Assistant Manager Troy Ivery and of course, General Manager Gary Thomas, for all of their efforts and a job well done.”