Labor Management


We are one of the few fleet transportation/logistics companies that provides Human Resource Capabilities to assist transitioning your existing fleet labor management team – including Professional Skill Development, Career Path Guidance and Opportunities.

More Career Options

As a leading Fleet Transportation employer, Transervice is able to attract, develop and retain the high-level people needed to provide top-quality solutions. As a result, we’re usually able to provide a wider range of fleet transportation career options for managers, supervisors, dispatchers, professional drivers, maintenance technicians, shop managers and operations management.

When your best solution requires transitioning your employees to Transervice, we handle the Human Resource challenges with professionalism, diligence and caring, whether they’re under a collective bargaining agreement, or present other issues. We have an exemplary track record with some of North America’s renowned businesses for seamlessly transitioning their companies, customers and employees to Transervice.

We Focus on Trust, Cooperation and Stability

Our greatest asset will always be Our People – which is why we are dedicated to helping every Transervice employee reach his or her full potential. Our management and Human Resources staffs are tasked with recruiting, training, developing and retaining a professional team that’s tops in the industry.

Why Choose Transervice For Fleet Labor Management?

  • We will deliver the peak performance levels you require.
  • We approach Human Resources management with openness, honesty, trust and respect, just like we treat our customers.
  • Salaried or hourly, union or non-union, our approach is the same.
  • We measure performance based on objectives that drive consistent operations results and improvements.

Contact us today at 888-858-7570 to learn why a growing number of leading companies rely on Transervice for complete, turn-key labor management.