Career Advancement Series: Joe Hellon

Joe Hellon
Transportation Manager
Account: Advantage Metals Recycling, LLC (AMR)

For nearly 15 years, Joe Hellon drove a truck for Grossman Iron & Steel in St. Louis. In 2021, The David J. Joseph Company, the parent company of Advantage Metals Recycling, LLC (AMR), the largest scrap recycling company in Kansas and Missouri, bought the company.

The new owner wanted to outsource AMR’s transportation services and awarded the contract for managing the Union drivers at its St. Louis facility to Transervice. Instead of coming in and replacing staff, Transervice kept the driver crew intact and made them aware of the company’s policy and preference for promoting from within whenever possible.

Joe Hellon says he is living proof of that philosophy in action.

When an opening for the facility’s Transportation Manager became available only three months later, Joe was encouraged to put his hat in the ring by General Manager Ken Presson. Following an interview with Dave Csontos, Senior Vice President of Logistics at Transervice, Joe was offered the management opportunity and happily accepted the promotion.

“It was challenging at first going from being a truck driver to a management position but my drivers were very supportive of the move and I was given incredible training,” said Joe. “Andrew Lehman, a supervisor at the company’s Des Moines office, became my go-to guy for learning about the business and helping me to master the technology components.”

Joe manages 14 drivers who are sent to customer locations to pick up scrap and bring it back to the AMR St. Louis yard where it is shredded, trucked to the Mississippi River and put on barges headed to mills to be melted down and converted into steel. As an example, Joe tells of shredding a Ford LTD car and making it into a 2-in. x 2-in. chunk of rock.

On average, his 14 drivers haul about 1800 tons of scrap every week. To accomplish this amazing feat they run three types of equipment including tractor-trailers, roll-off trucks and lugger trucks, leased and maintained by Hogan Trucking Transportation in St. Louis.

Joe’s experience working with AMR’s customers and his knowledge of each location’s special needs and equipment enabled him to jump right in and keep things moving. It also gives his drivers an exceptional comfort level with his efficient and respected management style.

The Hellon family, including Joe’s wife Nicole, daughter Savannah (13) and son Junior (8), live in St. Jacob, IL where they enjoy camping and boating. Joe also serves as Captain of the St. Jacob Volunteer Fire Department.