How the Transportation Industry is Fighting Human Trafficking

By: Gia July 23, 2024

Via: Truckers Against Trafficking


Human trafficking is a $150 billion industry that affects over 50 million people globally. So, you
might ask, how is the transportation industry prevalent to make a difference in the injustice of
human trafficking? Every day along our naAon’s highways, people, including our naAon’s children,
are forced to sell sex as victims of human trafficking at truck stops, rest areas, hotels/motels, and
other locations. And every day, members of the trucking industry are in these same places.
According to the U.S. Census, the transportation industry is 7 million strong, therefore, with
professional drivers being in areas that law enforcement may not have the capacity to
surveillance, and being equipped to be extremely observant, they are in the best position to
recognize and report what they see.

Truckers Against Trafficking began in 2009 with the mission to work with the transportation
industry (trucking, busing, energy sectors) to educate, equip, empower, as well as mobilize the
industry to recognize and report what they see. By providing an innovative as well as a proactive
approach, professional drivers can create change front and center.
This change begins with education, and using tools from TAT’s information website
(, where you can request on-demand webinars, wallet cards
with signs to look for and questions to ask, download the TAT app, as well as locate social media
accounts for updated information. Not to mention, the most effective tool, niche-specific training

With training specific to Over-the-road (OTR), TAT’s original training, drivers can
spot something peculiar along our nation’s highways. This 27-minute video features the story of a
survivor trafficked as a teen and how it was a trucker’s call to 911 that led to her recovery and
the prosecution of her trafficker. The film includes expert testimony from law enforcement on
how this crime occurs and intersects with transportation. TAT’s additional training for Local
Drivers and Movers/In-Home Delivery personnel both provide an understanding of what human
trafficking is, how it might intersect with everyday jobs and the specific red flags drivers can be
alert to as they interact within neighborhood communities or move in and out of homes across
North America.

You may ask again, why is the transportation industry relevant in fighting against human
trafficking? Professional drivers are the front-line responders across the nation capable
of recognizing what they see, reporting it, and possibly saving a life.

For more information on how to get your fleet or staff trained, please go to our website, or reach
out to and a TAT staff member will assist you in becoming a
part of the fight against human trafficking.

Transervice Logistics takes pride in being a corporate sponsor for the Truckers Against Trafficking organization.

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