Full Disclosure


Only Transervice gives you a look under the hood at more than just fixed and variable rates. Whether you partner with us for Tractor-Trailer Maintenance, MHE Maintenance, Dedicated Contract Carriage, Full Service Leasing and/or Contract Fleet Maintenance, we’ll show you the complete budget for your operations with itemization of every major cost component, including:

  • Equipment acquisition cost & depreciation
  • Equipment financing costs
  • Payroll costs including taxes and benefits
  • Parts, supplies, materials
  • Tires and related costs
  • Licensing and taxes
  • Overhead and Fee
  • See where money is being spent and why.
  • Compare accounting specific to your operations against budget (subject to your audit).
  • View Monthly Operating Statements so you can track our performance against your maximum rate.

Full Disclosure

Whether your needs are Tractor-Trailer Maintenance or MHE Maintenance, Full Service Leasing or Dedicated Contract Carriage, we collaborate with your company and share performance gains!

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