Dispatch and GPS Tracking


Transervice Transportation Management Software easily downloads customer orders and develops a dispatch plan. This system is EDI capable and is used for shipment planning and scheduling, driver and equipment assignments and activity management, such as load tracking.

In operations where a high level of control is desired, Transervice can equip tractors, trucks and/or trailers with GPS tracking systems, including:

  • A Global Positioning System (GPS) – Track the movements of your vehicles, employees and freight at all times, and communicate with drivers. Also, event-driven status monitoring.
  • Manage and Secure Assets – GPS/AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) technology combines with state-of-the art alarm and sensor technology for innovative uses.
  • Cargo Security – A GPS package with an alarm system and unique ignition kill switch offers state-of-the-art vehicle protection with immediate notification to Transervice, the customer and central station.
  • Covert Installation – GPS devices installed on vehicle roofs cannot be defeated,
  • Fuel Efficiency – Analyze by tracking, for example, how long vehicles have been idling.

Dispatch and GPS Tracking Systems

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