Dedicated Contract Carriage


Whether your network is designed for store-door delivery, inter-facility transportation, plant-to-customer distribution centers, or a mix, our solutions are proven to be highly reliable, responsive and cost-effective.

Improved Customer Service and Cost Control

Dedicated Contract Carriage is nothing more than a legal document that binds the freight carrier and the shipper. It’s essentially a document that records in writing that the carrier agrees to move the shipper’s goods from point A to point B.

The shipper’s part of the contract agrees to pay for the service. It will lay out the goods in detail and the dates and times that both parties agree on.

The contract isn’t limited to truck freights but includes all methods like air and by sea. And it can vary depending on the situation.

For example, when you purchase a ticket with United Airlines, you also agree to Dedicated Contract Carriage. In this case, the agreement would apply to the baggage you take along and to yourself as the passenger.

A Wide Range of Benefits from a Single Source:

  • Asset and equipment acquisition with complete maintenance, so you have no capital investment.
  • Purchase of your existing fleet assets, if desired.
  • All operating supplies – such as fuel, tires, replacement parts – under National Account purchasing contracts.
  • Improved utilization of power and trailers, reduction in miles and fuel consumption.
  • Analysis of customer history and practices to right size your fleet for optimized scheduling.
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Onboard equipment technology, as required.
  • HR services and expertise for efficient staffing at all levels.
  • Skilled Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations for unionized work forces.
  • Comprehensive Loss Control, Insurance Coverage and Performance Based Safety Programs.
  • Compliance Expertise and Support Systems (DOT, OSHA, EPA).
  • No investment on your part; our financing solutions reduce your costs.
  • Backhaul support to help maximize equipment utilization and lower Carbon Footprint

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