Associate Spotlight: Curtis Hart

Curtis Hart
Shop Foreman
Account: Berkeley – Perrysburg, OH

My career started at a young age, holding the flashlight for my dad in his garage. Specifically, so he could see what he was working on, not me. Helping my dad with his hobby in the garage is what got me interested in this field of work. Fast forward to High School, I attended the local vocational school, Penta, for Gas and Diesel Engines. Through my senior year, after school, I worked at a truck driving school as a groundskeeper. Occasionally I was able to assist their mechanic with general repairs. After I graduated, my boss took notice of my mechanical abilities and put me in the mechanic’s position. From there, I was in charge of twenty trucks and trailers, and for the most part, self-taught myself the systems of a semi-truck and trailer. After 9 years, one of which was working part-time for Transervice, I applied for a full-time position, which I feel ultimately began my professional career as a technician. Since 2016, I’ve learned that my favorite part of the job is electrical systems and that my favorite tool is my Fluke. I’ve taken advantage of the ASE certification program they offer and am ASE Master Certified along with ASE L2 Advanced Level Certified.  The opportunity to have experience with up-to-date technology, training, and certifications, at Transervice has provided me with the ability to excel at my personal and professional goals.

Outside of work, I have two daughters, 6 and 3 years old, and my wife of 9 years. She has her degree in early childhood education, and she has taken the responsibility of not only being a full-time mother and wife, but homeschooling our children as well. As a family, we enjoy boating, camping, fishing and exploring parks. When not with my family, I enjoy walleye fishing on Lake Erie and bow hunting. I’m part of an organization called FHFH, Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, in which my hunting also contributes to local hunger relief programs. At a younger age, I did not see myself as a career mechanic, but it’s turned out to be a rewarding experience so far. I’m excited to see where the technology goes and where it takes me.