Blog Post: Allow Transervice To Assist with Current Fuel Supply Shortage Concerns

The loss of half of the East Coast refineries in the past 15 years coupled with increased oil demand in the region has created fuel supply shortage concerns.

Transervice has strategically positioned itself for diesel supply assurance making us a great partner for your organization to guide you through these fuel supply challenges.

  • Diverse Supplier Options: We have established multiple vendor networks for fueling options should one or more vendors experience a shortage/outage. These vendors include Love’s, Pilot, Flying J, A National Lease Provider, and Local Retail Stations.
  • Concentrated Buying Power: Our Strong position and the majority of our fuel spend with both a National Lease Provider and Love’s ensure support when needed for our fleets.
  • A National Fuel Provider Partnership: Leveraging our partnership with a National Lease Provider that has significant purchasing power and a holistic fuel strategy, which we can utilize.
    • Fuel contracts providing guaranteed availability-NO daily spot market
    • Established multi-year contracts with priority positions in all diesel terminals
    • Three suppliers in the Northeast with multiple storage facilities spanning from Maine to Baltimore to Toledo
    • Millions of gallons of safety fuel stock in nine East Coast terminals
  • Love’s Partnership: Our primary partner for providing on-road fuel.
    • A significant national footprint with contingency plans to transport fuel from areas with fewer supply constraints.

The fuel shortage desperation is showing in New England and the mid-Atlantic regions. As New England diesel retail prices are up 75% from the beginning of 2022, per DOE data, in the mid-Atlantic, diesel is up 67%. For most in the transportation industry, it’s not worth the risk, even amid ultra-high prices.

“Due to inherent risks associated with moving products through pipelines from the Gulf region to the Northeast, we’re not in an era where there are any U.S. refiners or big U.S. oil companies would ‘take one for the team’ and bring diesel in where it’s needed.”-Rory Johnston, Commodity Context

With Transervice’s strategic diesel supply strategy, we are well-positioned to ‘take one for the team’ and be that bridge for your organization.