National Pharmacy

A National Pharmacy… Director of Supply Chain, Fleet Operations “When a 38 year relationship exists with a service provider, they become more than just a […]

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Lubricants Manufacturer & Distributor

A Lubricants Manufacturer & Distributor… President “The best solution for our (sic) fleet maintenance concerns, at this time, was to have a dedicated service situated […]

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Beverage Company

A Beverage Company… Vice President of Operation “Transervice has been our fleet maintenance provider in New York and New Jersey for the past 37 years. […]

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A Newspaper… Director of Distribution “We partnered with Transervice over three years ago to provide maintenance to our aging fleet. Since that time our annual […]

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Lawn Care Maintenance Company

A Lawn Care Maintenance Company … General Manager “We have had a 15+ year relationship with Transervice.  Year after year our equipment is in top […]

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A National Home Improvement Co-Op

A National Home Improvement Co-Op Outbound Operations Manager “When we partnered with Transervice to provide dedicated transportation services a few years ago we gained a […]

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International Freight Forwarding Company

An International Freight Forwarding Company District Manager “Every fleet maintenance vendor claims they have what it takes to be your partner, but Transervice actually fulfills […]

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Regional Wholesale and Retail Grocer

A Regional Wholesale and Retail Grocer Director of Strategic Planning and Technology “I had total confidence in outsourcing my shop to Transervice and knew that […]

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Dairy Products Distributor

A Regional Dairy Products Distributor Vice President of Operations “When we outsourced to Transervice a few years back, we discovered that they offer a completely […]

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National Newspaper

A Major National Newspaper Executive Director – Production “Since we have outsourced our fleet maintenance and safety program to Transervice I have found them to […]

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