Blog Post: Transervice Associate Goes Above and Beyond to Help Caller Needing Assistance

We at Transervice wanted to take a minute to let you know how much we value our employees. We especially want to mention Regina Snyder for going above and beyond to help a caller.
On May 5th the following email was received.

I hope this email will make its way to the supervisor/manager for your employee, Regina Snyder. I wanted to take the time to compliment your company on the gracious heart and above and beyond character of Regina Snyder. I called the number on your website trying to determine if your company insured the Lowes delivery truck that totaled my vehicle last week, since the information listed on the police report was incorrect. Regina took my call, she was professional, pleasant and most importantly took the time to listen to my story. Once she determined your company was not related to the Lowes truck, she then took it upon herself, to figure out the correct company I should contact. She even reached out to them and sent me an email with all the information I would need to contact them and submit a claim. You just don’t find employees who are willing to do work outside of their job description anymore. I am so grateful for her help and wanted to pass this along to you.
I hope you have a great day!
Sandy *******

Not only does the outcome demonstrate goodwill, but it also demonstrates how Regina continues to always exceed our expectations. She is our go-to person when others need help. She is always the first to volunteer, decorate, raise money for charities, plan parties and more.

A manager recently stated, he is not surprised to see this type of praise for her. She has always been extremely helpful when we have required her assistance. Regina is a credit to the organization. Regina, we thank you for all you do for the Company. You make a tremendous contribution and we would like to take this opportunity to present you with a $200 gift card.

Congratulations Regina!

Alex Lafaras
Chief Financial Officer

Left: Gina Lydakis, Vice President of Human Resources
Right: Regina Snyder, Claims and Risk Management Administrator