Have You Fulfilled Your 2023 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Transportation Department?

By: HFMadmin July 23, 2024

The first step in fulfilling your New Year’s Resolution in your transportation department is to evaluate where you are, where you want to go and how you intend to get there.

If you have a list already and want to compare your goals, keep reading. If you do not have goals as of yet, keep reading. If you have goals and you feel you are well on your way, why not keep reading?

There are 10 tips for benchmarking and for getting started with your 2022 goals from a firm with over 50 years of experience and success in dedicated carriage.

•Maintain or improve your driver screening process so as to provide “ best hire “ goals.

•Provide a DOT-compliant & “safety first “workspace for your drivers.

•Maintain or introduce annual performance and safety bonuses.

•Ensure that your company-maintained trucks are safe for your drivers and the general public.

•Maintain or tighten up your daily DVIR process and subsequent repairs by your truck maintenance provider.

As you might have noticed, only 5 tips are listed, feel free to message us and we can discuss the next 5.

No two driving operations are the same however many of the basics are. If you’d like to hear about Transervice’s basics in dedicated carriage and how we can enable you to make your New Year’s Resolution’s in your driving operation, give us a call – 888.858.7570.