Associate Spotlight: Kristy Wilson

By: sschnipper March 4, 2024

Kristy Wilson
Transportation Supervisor
Account: The Seattle Times (Lynnwood & Kent, WA locations)

Kristy Wilson’s journey to her current position as a Transportation Supervisor for Transervice Logistics’ The Seattle Times operations at its Lynnwood and Kent locations in Washington State has been nothing short of remarkable.

Her educational pursuits earned her degrees in Cosmetology and Arts in Music, and she enrolled in additional University classes in Music and Psychology. Yet what eventually led her to the transportation field was a suggestion from one of her salon customers to consider a career as a school bus driver.

Kristy spent 12 years as a professional driver for various school districts where she worked alongside many other women. She also did stints as a Motorcycle Safety Coach and Tester and drove a truck for a roofing company. Throughout her career, she has collected multiple safe driver/driving awards.

That experience led to her joining Transervice in 2016 as a truck driver, a job she held for three-plus years before taking a few years off to “pursue a bucket list item of owning her own Coffee Stand.”

When she returned to Transervice in October of 2022 as an Assistant Transportation Supervisor, it wasn’t long before she shot through the ranks, with a promotion in July 2023 to her current position as Transportation Supervisor.

“Transervice absolutely delivers on the premise of promoting from within,” she says. “In just the few years I have worked with this company I have watched a driver move to the office and then on to a highly coveted IT position; a loader move into the office as a supervisor; many drivers move into dock coordinator positions; and myself, a driver, move into the office as first an assistant supervisor and now a full supervisor.”

“Immediately, at first meeting Transervice’s transportation manager, Dan Kelleher, I knew this was a company I wanted to get involved with,” remembers Kristy. “Unlike some companies that lure you in with grand gestures and promises, this company has always been very honest and consistent throughout the years.”

Kristy added that the people and skills that are already in-house are always considered before the company goes outside for job candidates, and all employees are encouraged to take on different roles and learn new skills.

Supervising 22 truck drivers, four of whom are also dock coordinators, Kristy has enormous responsibility for setting up the drivers’ daily schedules for both The Seattle Times’ locations. Her duties entail coordination and communication between the warehouses involving everything from products, trucks, personnel, contractors, and customers, to handling emergencies, truck breakdowns, call-outs, delivery tracking, maintenance schedules and coordinating solutions to any problems that might arise.

Outside of work, Kristy loves to travel and is “massively into electronic dance music” and often attends shows and festivals “in and out of the USA.”

She is also a lifelong bird lover and started a YouTube channel called “KristysBirds”, where she shares her experiences taking care of her parakeets/budgies and invites her viewers to do the same.