Associate Spotlight: Joseph Lehner

By: HFMadmin May 19, 2024


Joe Lehner started driving a tow truck in Florida when he was 18 years old and has spent almost all of his adult life behind the wheel.

He gradually moved up to over-the-road trucking for a small Mom and Pop operation, spent 13 years hauling cars, and moved to South Carolina in 2008 to drive for another car transport company.

In Lexington, SC Joe spent nine years transporting goods for Faith Logistics before joining Transervice in 2017 at their Do it Best operation. There he delivered products to their regional locations from Florida to Maryland, and West to Alabama.

“We are one of the few companies that run nothing but sleeper cab trucks,” he explained. “I would start my travels on Sunday and not come home until Thursday.”

During his five years as a driver for Transervice, Joe sometimes took on office duties, filling in when the managers went on vacation. So when an Assistant Manager’s position opened up, Joe’s experience and tenure with the company put him at the top of the list for potential candidates.

He applied for the job along with three other Transervice drivers and some outside contestants. When he was offered it, he was “happy to accept.”

Joe describes going from being a driver to a manager as “a total lifestyle change.” He is home every night now and kiddingly remarked, ”his wife loves it…sometimes!”

At his desk by 5:00 a.m. reviewing paperwork to determine what Do it Best loads will be going out that day, Joe’s responsibilities extend out to the yard where he “puts trailers in and out of doors,” to be loaded and unloaded to keep product constantly on the go.

He manages the schedules for 26 drivers as well as the maintenance of 28 trucks and 53 trailers and is on the job until the last load is put on a trailer, typically after 6:00 p.m.

“I always say, ‘Once you’re a truck driver, you’re always a truck driver,’” said Joe. “I do miss being on the road sometimes, but I prefer what I’m doing now.

Transervice is a great company to work for and anyone considering a job here can definitely expect to find promotional opportunities. You just need to search them out and show an interest.”

Joe appreciates the extra time he spends with his wife Christine and son Zachary, 19, who works nearby at the Do it Best warehouse. When not fishing, he and his son enjoy running around the woods playing Airsoft, a team sport very similar to paintball.