Blog Post: Four Locations Receive the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence

Transervice has recently had four of our locations awarded with the highly regarded ASE Blue Seal of Excellence.  Although an overwhelming majority of our repair facilities are ASE Certified or ASE Master Certified Technicians, the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence is only awarded to locations that meet two requirements:
1) 75% or more of the technicians at the repair facility must be ASE Certified Technicians
2) Each area of support in the shop must be covered by at least one ASE Certified Technician – this means that each facility that is recognized as a Blue Seal of Excellence location must have technicians that are certified in all of the following categories to include: T2: Diesel Engines; T3: Drive Train; T4: Brakes; T5: Steering and Suspension; T6: Electrical; T7: Heating Ventilation & A/C; and T8: Preventative Maintenance.
On top of OEM and Manufacturer-specific training offered to all of our technicians, we utilize our ASE Certification Training and Bonus Program to incentivize our technicians to continuously improve and stay up-to-date on the latest repair and diagnostic practices. The Blue Seal of Excellence plaques will be displayed with the ASE Master Technicians plaques at each recognized location.
Blue Seal of Excellence Shops:
1) Berkeley Houston – Shop 1375
2) Berkeley Mt. Vernon – Shop 1364
3) Berkeley Windsor – Shop 1361
4) Preferred – Shop 1920
More information on ASE’s Blue Seal of Excellence:
Berkley Houston                                                Berkley Mt. Vernon                                           Berkley Windsor                                                Preffered