About us


“We ask every Transervice employee to not just come to work,
but to participate in the process of continuously improving the company.”

Recognizing the diversity of individuals and ideas, we value the significant contributions from Transervice employees at all levels. Over the decades, we have learned that top management does not have a monopoly on creativity and innovativeness. So we encourage open communication, the development of skills and increasing knowledge, dedication to excellence and, of course, teamwork.

Based in Lake Success, New York, Transervice currently maintains regional and local facilities in 120 locations across North America. We manage some 1,200 associates and over 24,000 pieces of equipment.

All of us at Transervice are particularly proud of the stability of our Company. It confirms that we’re doing many things right and we recognize our employees’ loyalty:

  • After 10 years with the company, employees are inducted into our Employee Anniversary Club.
  • Every 5 years the employee is honored at a social event and given a special gift.
  • The Club has many 20-year members, several with 30 years, and one who was hired when the Company was founded over 50 years ago!



“We like to think that we have a very clear vision, understand the issues facing logistics and transportation, and are committed to bringing effective and efficient solutions to our customers.”

The Transervice management team is deeply involved in operating the business and dedicated to our philosophy and ideals. We strive to ensure that we are bringing real value to our relationships – proactively supporting our customers and going the extra mile to deliver service excellence.

Our Executive Team

  • Gregg Nierenberg, Chief Executive Officer and President
  • Gino Fontana, Chief Operations Officer
  • Alex Lafaras, Chief Financial Officer

Our Leadership Team

  • Doug Adamson, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing
  • Mark Finger, Senior Vice President of Maintenance and Midwest Operations
  • John Walker, Senior Vice President of Logistics
  • Pierre Bujold, Vice President of Canadian Operations
  • Gina Lydakis, Vice President of Human Resources

Our management does not believe in revolving doors when it comes to our people. The Transervice approach to stability is very basic: We attract and retain the best people available. Professionals who not only understand and share our vision; they dedicate themselves to satisfying our Customers. And they remain at the Company for years because they have the opportunity to do meaningful work and feel good about their achievements.

Contact us today at 888-858-7570 to learn why so many employees and companies choose to stay with Transervice.