Over 50 Years of Innovative Solutions

“Our passion towards our customers’ business and willingness to be flexible in our partnerships is transparent. We will always figure out a way to get to a YES. ”

-Gregg Nierenberg, CEO


For over 50 years, many of North America’s leading companies have put their transportation needs and reputations in the hands of the trusted pros at Transervice.


Based in Lake Success, New York, Transervice currently manages approximately 25,000 pieces of equipment in 135+ regional and local facilities across North America. Our workforce is some 1,200-strong, including over 1,000 drivers and technicians.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Transervice is to provide our customers with professional services on the most cost-effective basis.

Recognizing the significant contributions that come from the diversity of individuals and ideas, the knowledge, dedication, teamwork, and constant improvement of every employee is the foundation of our continued success.

Together, we can grow, providing a better future for our customers and our Company.