3PL and 4PL Logistics

Adds Real 3PL Value To Your Network

Seamlessly integrate the proven value of Transervice logistics solutions into your company’s supply chain, as well as any freight management company and/or distribution 3PL or 4PL you employ. We’ll deliver a customized logistics model that maximizes tractor-trailer utilization, so you can maintain an on-time transportation flow – from raw materials to factories, for inter-facility moves, to plant to customer and to distribution centers for the final leg of customer shipments. The bottom line is reliable and consistent service on a cost-efficient basis.


Our 3PL Transportation Support Services Include:

  • Transportation equipment
  • Drivers and related HR expenses
  • Insurance and safety
  • Driver supervisors
  • Fleet management

All Transervice services are dedicated to your business, giving you the benefits of a completely customized operation. We can also provide other specialized services as needed, such as labor for your docks and warehouses.

Contact us today at 888-858-7570 to learn why a growing number of leading companies rely on Transervice for complete, turn-key 3PL or 4PL logistics.