Blog Post: Warranty – Through the Years

The warranty process from location to warranty center has improved over the past 30 plus years.

Shop repair orders came in triplicate form. Each copy had a specific place, white original copy for file jacket, yellow for manual data entry and all pink copies to the warranty department. It was the location’s responsibility to store and purchase the forms from an outside vendor, Ray-Block Stationery. The 3 part form was eventually modified several times to coordinate with the program of that time. Those that were around more than 20 years may remember Arsenault prior to TMT.

The warranty process varied depending on the manufacturers. Triplicate form copies were the norm by OEMs. Ford had an aluminum card for location claim imprint first. Then the information was handwritten with all correspondence mailed to the processing centers. Eventually, checks were mailed to TRANSERVICE for deposit and distribution.

Now fast forward to the present; repair orders are now generated from our electronic TMT system. Warranty potential claims are identified based on a 6 digit component code. Warranty claims are submitted from OEM App sites. Payment is received directly to our designated bank account through EDI.

The key factor that has not changed with the speed of computers and the electronics involved is communication. We must be in contact with repairs done by OEM vendors and report the information in an effort to reduce costs as repairs may be warrantable. Also, comments on shop R.O.s, along with parts retention and accuracy help support the warranty process to maximize full recovery.

The improved efficiency and accuracy we provide supports for a better relationship with OEMs/vendors. This, in turn, has led to increased financial reimbursement opportunities.