Warranty Administration

Fleet Warranty Recovery

Enable Transervice To Eliminate The Pitfalls and Headaches

Is your company capturing all of the warranty dollars available for the equipment makes and models you operate, including policy adjustments? No manufacturer makes defect free equipment. It is essential that you get the most value from every piece of equipment you operate to lower your costs and to protect your investment.

Warranty recovery administration can be like running through a maze; it’s frustrating and takes up time that should be spent concentrating on your core business. Your company can benefit from leveraging Transervice’s experience in fleet warranty recovery administration for your own fleet by using our Warranty Administration Program.

Whether you are a Dedicated Contract Carriage, Full Service Leasing, Contract Maintenance customer, or using this program as a stand-alone service, our fleet warranty recovery team passes recovery benefits along to you and lower your operating cost.

Transervice has the proven Processes, Technology, and management expertise it takes to ensure maximum warranty recovery of the dollars you are entitled to.

Transervice’s Warranty Administration Solution Is Applicable To:

  • Light duty trucks, vans, and automobiles
  • Medium and heavy duty trucks, tractor, and trailers
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Specialized equipment
  • Materials Handling Equipment

This Solution Provides:

  • Systems management of claims
  • Analysis of all repair orders
  • Filing of all warranty claims with OEMs
  • Claim negotiation to maximize recovery
  • Claim status reporting

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