Transportation Software

Transportation Management Software

Transervice’s enterprise system is used to manage transportation solutions such as Dedicated Contract Carriage. This system also serves as the foundation for our maintenance operations with features such as paperless maintenance shops which eliminate manual paperwork for our technicians, save time and improve data accuracy. The maintenance expense history of every piece of equipment under Transervice management, regardless of solution, is tracked by this system on a unit basis.

Our System Delivers These Benefits:

  • Users are able to act on real information and established processes with “fact-based” reports.
  • Visibility is provided that links technologies, business processes and functions.
  • EDI and other electronic data-feed integration.
  • Exception tracking and alerting.
  • KPI metric reporting, dashboards for continuous improvement.
  • Driver and equipment qualifications and load requirement tracking, business rules and alerts.
  • Fleet management including equipment and drivers.
  • Increase in fleet equipment utilization.
  • Interfaces to customer systems and industry-specific order and data networks.
  • Integration with major industry service and solution providers.

Transportation Management Software

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