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Transportation Optimization

DC Network Analysis Uncovers Savings Opportunities

Transportation Optimization

Transportation is one of the highest cost components of cost-of-goods-sold and is usually either the number one or two highest cost elements in the supply chain. Supply Chain Management issues like volatile freight transport rates and fuel costs, inefficient route planning, road and port congestion, and empty miles are negatively affecting companies’ profits at an ever increasing rate.

Our Analytical Team Produces Solutions That Are Compared to Your Current Network Costs and Service Levels

Our Transportation Modeling Solutions Software can consider many network scenarios with the goal of providing cost reduction and service level improvements. Modeling considers supplier locations and your DC locations and contemplated changes, alternate transportation modes and all related costs as well as customer service requirements.

The software will enable you to identify the right number of people and transportation assets and where these assets should be domiciled. We can simulate fleet routing strategies and define costs and service levels. It is best to utilize this tool to create a living transportation model to determine the cost and service effect of any supply chain network changes whenever there is the need.

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