Fleet Technology Solutions

Harnessing The Power Of Technology For Your Company

As a Leader in Transportation Solutions our Customers look to us for innovative technology that lowers overall operating costs.

Fleet Operations Optimization

  • Fleet sizing and driver force sizing
  • Efficient dispatch and routing
  • Increased equipment utilization
  • Lower fuel usage, less miles, increased MPG
  • Driver skill improvements, e.g. engine idling training
  • Cargo security, more efficient truck loading/unloading
  • Maintenance and repair costing by unit on a life to date basis
  • Warranty administration
  • In truck, on-board GPS tracking and communication

Strategic Optimization

  • Transportation Optimization: we model your transportation lanes throughout your Supply Chain and consider all transport cost buckets and service requirements to deliver optimized solutions.
  • Supply Chain Network Design: we model your supply chain and consider all fixed and variable costs in your network of facilities including transportation costs to deliver footprint optimization and lowest total landed cost.

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