Safety Programs

Transportation & MHE Maintenance Safety Programs

Keep Your Employees Safe By Eliminating Risk And Assuring Safety

Transervice considers transportation safety to be of vital importance and key to being a responsible and good corporate citizen. We take the safety of our employees, our customers’ employees and the public very seriously. Everywhere we operate we are committed to preventing accidents, eliminating risk and operating safely, whether it is on the road or in the warehouse or in maintenance facilities.

Fleet Safety Management Is Of Vital Importance

Transervice is an expert in transportation safety, from operating safe Dedicated Maintenance Facilities to the safety of every Commercial Driver safeguarding your loads. We are a Registered Public Training Agency of The National Safety Council’s Driver Improvement Program and we maintain an in-house safety staff. Transervice also operates a Transervice Safety Training Institute where our National Safety Council Certified Defensive Driving Instructors make sure that the drivers we employ operate equipment safely and safeguard your cargo from road accident damage. Transervice supports our fleet management safety commitments with professional management, documented procedures, systems for loss control, and incident tracking.

Transervice Protects Its Fleet Operations

To protect our employees and our cargo, Transervice adheres to the following guidelines:

  • Semi-annual Inspections to Defined Standards that cover all aspects of Loss Control and Compliance.
  • Operate within Defined Safety Standards for all employees, with Daily Observations, Reporting and Abatement of Hazards by Technicians, Commercial Drivers, Administrators, Dispatchers, and Managers.
  • We endorse Safety Recognition and Reward Programs that drive measurably better results.
  • We engage in extensive Safety Training for all employees.
  • We maintain centralized DOT, OSHA, and EPA records keeping with audit requirements while ensuring Compliance.
  • We consider safety when conducting Performance Appraisals and Performance Improvement Processes.
  • We understand and comply with all HAZMAT regulations applicable to Transervice operations including alliance with Nationwide Spill Response teams.

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