Rate Guarantee

Maximum Rate Guarantee Only At Transervice

Let Transervice take the financial risk out of Fleet Operations

Minimizing risks begins with Transervice doing the right job in developing the transportation model for your company. Because we take a totally customer centric approach to developing customer solutions, your company receives an engineered fleet size model, the right operating model, the right equipment resulting in superior service and cost efficiency.

During this process, we develop a customized annual fleet operating budget to reflect your fleet’s operating costs with line item detail, complete transparency, taking the financial guesswork out of your fleet’s operating budget.

This is done with our Full Disclosure Program plus establishing a Maximum Rate Guarantee. At the end of each operating year, if the actual operating costs exceed the guaranteed maximum rate, YOUR COMPANY IS PROTECTED AGAINST THE ADDITIONAL CHARGES.

When actual operating costs are below total budget for the year you participate in Gain Sharing.

Whether your needs are Contract Maintenance, Full Service Leasing, or Dedicated Contract Carriage, we collaborate with your company and share performance gains!

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