Labor Management

Fleet Labor Management

From The Maintenance Bay To The Road, Union, Or Non-Union

As an industry leader operating across North America that is continuously growing, Transervice has the right Human Resource Capabilities to assist transitioning your existing fleet labor management team that are not usually offered by other transportation companies and logistics departments. The resources available to your fleet labor management team include Professional Skill Development, Career Path Guidance and Opportunities.

More Fleet Transportation Career Options

As a leading employer within the Fleet Transportation Industry, we are able to attract, develop and retain the highly qualified people needed to provide the quality Solutions we offer.

This means that we are often able to provide a wider scope of fleet transportation career options for fleet managers, supervisors, dispatchers, professional drivers, maintenance technicians, shop managers, and operations management.

When the best Solution involves transitioning your valued employees to Transervice, we handle the Human Resource challenges with professionalism, diligence and caring. It does not matter to Transervice if your employees are under a collective bargaining agreement or there are other issues involved that require careful consideration. We have a proven history with some of North America’s most familiar companies to make your transition to Transervice seamless for your company, customers and employees.

HR Management That Builds Trust, Cooperation, And Stability

Our greatest asset will always be Our People. That is why our primary focus continues to be on the development of our people so they can reach their full potential. Our management and our Human Resources team are tasked with recruiting, training, developing and retaining the best professional team in the industry.

Choose Transervice For Fleet Labor Management

  • As the best team in the transportation industry we will deliver the peak performance levels you require.
  • Transervice approaches Human Resources management with openness, honesty, trust and respect just like we treat our customers.
  • Salaried or Hourly, Union or Non-Union, our approach is the same.
  • Transervice measures performance based upon objectives that drive consistent operations results and improvements.

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