How to apply COVID-19 safety to other business areas

By Joseph Evangelist

Executive Vice President, Transervice
As originally appeared in FleetOwner Magazine’s IdeaXchange

Last fall, I wrote a blog about the need to continue to be vigilant in sticking to CDC safety protocols regarding COVID-19. I think there are lessons that can be learned from our handling of COVID-19 that we can apply to other areas of our business. More specifically, I think we can use that laser focus on the safety of our entire operation.

As we all know, our businesses are subjected to inspections by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) where OSHA inspectors can show up randomly or as a result of a complaint levied against a business. OSHA is tasked with ensuring the safety and health of workers and enforces safety standards in all types of businesses, but I contend it is our responsibility to maintain the safety and health of our workers, whether or not OSHA ever visits our facilities.

Here are some ways to ensure safety protocols are being followed:

  • Set up a safety committee and task them with doing a thorough walkaround at each facility looking for slip, trip and fall hazards, hazardous material placarding, etc. The team should offer solutions for any issues they identify, and you should take the necessary steps to fix any problems that affect employee safety.
  • Make sure that regular ongoing training with all of your employees on safety-related matters is conducted at all locations. But more importantly, make sure that your employees understand all your safety protocols. Keep records of your training efforts in the event of an OSHA investigation.
  • After the initial facility review is conducted, make sure there is an appropriate follow-up procedure in place to ensure you are maintaining your safety standards and that there are no new hazards.
  • Ensure that all managers are enforcing safety policies and that employees understand that safety is a core value of your organization from the top down.

I believe taking these simple steps will put your organization in a great place in terms of providing a safe workspace/environment for your employees and customers alike. As a side benefit, you will have nothing to fear if an OSHA inspector comes knocking on your door.

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