Green Transportation and Logistics

Green Logistics

We Can Help Make Your Green Programs Sustainable

At Transervice we recognize that many companies including our customers are seizing the opportunity to go green at virtually every stage of their supply chains. We understand and support the findings that benefits from a green commitment to our environment are numerous and that it boosts operational efficiency as well.

Up to 75% of a company’s carbon footprint comes from transportation and logistics. The practice of greening supply chains is going mainstream and Transervice is committed to helping customers make the greening of their transportation and logistics successful and operationally profitable.

By collaborating with our customers we can take a “lean” approach and help remove waste from operations. For example, maximization of the load capacity of trucks and trailers can significantly reduce miles and overall fuel consumption resulting in a lower carbon footprint for the fleet. Add to this our fleet right sizing and scheduling analysis and the opportunity can be greater.

Together we can help you analyze delivery methods, vehicle selection and specifications, fleet size, routing and scheduling, on-board electronic tools and even better warehouse locations all of which are likely to have significant impact on your company’s fuel consumption, emissions and bottom line.

Transervice’s Green Philosophy

At Transervice, we are committed to improving the environment within our mutual communities and wherever we operate. Here is how:

  • Collaborate with customers to identify efficient backhaul opportunities or by designing a returns logistics program.
  • Specifying the most fuel efficient equipment in consideration of all operational requirements.
  • Provide idling control and fuel efficient driving methods training for every driver of equipment we operate.
  • Maintain strict EPA, DOT, and OSHA compliance, recycling of every fluid, part and material possible.
  • We look to our suppliers to do their part such as evaluating their own sustainability efforts in energy, natural resources, materials, people and community.

At Transervice we never stop seeking ways to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce waste. We know through customer collaboration a difference can be made.

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