Gain Sharing

Reduce Fleet Costs

Gain Sharing with Transervice — Continuous Improvement That Works!

A lot of 3PLs talk about how much they can save you from continuous improvement. But, when was the last time a transportation provider offered you a gain sharing program based upon collaboration that can reduce fleet cost and result in tangible savings even during the first two years of operation? Transervice does this and more!

Continuous Fleet Cost Reduction Results In Savings For Your Company

In many cases we have achieved real savings during the first year of operation for our customers. By continuing to work together, we have been able to show annual fleet cost reduction on an ongoing basis.

Example: Let’s assume the guaranteed maximum charge for your contract is $3,000,000 per annum including all costs as set forth in Full Disclosure. But at year end your actual operating costs as detailed in the P & L statement you receive totals $2,790,000 resulting in a savings of $210,000, which is the amount that is shared by your company and Transervice. This type of partnership provides both parties with the stimulus to strive for constant operating efficiency.

Whether your needs are Tractor-Trailer Contract Fleet Maintenance, MHE Maintenance, Full Service Leasing, or Dedicated Contract Carriage, we collaborate with your company and share performance gains!

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