Full Disclosure

An Authentic Financial Partnership That Is Accountable

Exclusive to Transervice you see more than just our fixed and variable rates. Whether you need Dedicated Contract Carriage, Full Service Leasing or Contract Fleet Maintenance we show you an operating budget for your operations itemizing everything, including:

Itemization of every cost component, see major cost categories below:

  1. Equipment acquisition cost & depreciation
  2. Equipment financing costs
  3. Payroll costs including taxes and benefits
  4. Parts, supplies, materials
  5. Tires and related costs
  6. Licensing and taxes
  7. Overhead and Fee

Separate accounting for your operations, only yours, compared to budget subject to your audit.

Monthly Operating Statements provided to you enabling you to track our performance against your maximum rate.

When was the last time you enjoyed a supplier partnership that was fully transparent and allowed you to see the books that showed where money is being spent and why?

Whether your needs are Tractor-Trailer Maintenance or MHE Maintenance, Full Service Leasing, or Dedicated Contract Carriage, we collaborate with your company and share performance gains!

Want to learn more about our Full Disclosure, Gain Sharing and Maximum Rate Guarantee Programs?

Full Disclosure


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