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Fleet Resource Tools | Fleet Management

Optimize Your Entire Supply Chain, From Your Supplier’s Supplier To Your Customer’s Customer

By using our Fleet Resource Tools, Transervice can help you gain control of your fleet management by greatly improving scheduling, operating more efficiently, and reducing costs. Your entire supply chain becomes more efficient through to your end customers.

When Was The Last Time You Evaluated Your Fleet Resources?

  • Transervice utilizes a variety of powerful fleet resource tools to determine the number of drivers and power units needed to operate a given set of routes.
  • Robust scheduling algorithms are deployed to assign routes to drivers and trucks minimizing the resources required for each distribution or manufacturing facility.
  • We can easily change assignments, route departure times and other route factors which would normally take days to do manually.
  • Changes to routes are automatically analyzed for feasibility and violations such as missing time windows or exceeding allowed daily drive time are flagged for attention.

Fleet Resource Tools

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