Fleet Optimization

Fleet Optimization for Best in Class Logistics

Continuous Improvement Through Continuous KPI Monitoring

Fleet Optimization Analysis is not something most companies do on a frequent basis or even once a year. But businesses are always undergoing change especially in these times. This type of analysis is usually not a core competency for most companies and even if it is the work involved is very time consuming and requires the latest tools to derive the most benefit.

Logistics and Fleet Optimization Software Backed By Many Years Of Successful Operations Experience

Because no business is in a static state for long we have found that by utilizing our advanced Information Systems, we are often able to fine tune or streamline methods and fleet operations that result in further efficiency. For this to be truly successful a high level of collaboration is required between Transervice and the Customer.

Our Fleet Optimization Process Includes:

    • Fleet right sizing, routing and logistics analysis
    • Fleet Assessment and performance benchmarking against our growing data base of Best Fleet Practices
    • Evaluation for Performance Improvement Opportunities
    • Operational Cost Analysis
      • Specifications and configurations
      • Equipment utilization
      • Resources review
    • Development of a comprehensive performance improvement plan that clearly demonstrates where optimization opportunities exist and what financial gains may be realized.
    • Ongoing monitoring of the action plan to ensure Continuous Improvement in Fleet Optimization, not some of the time, but all the time.
    • Optimal MHE fleet optimization and MHE Maintenance can be added to improve performance of all your fleet equipment, road trucks and MHE

Fleet Optimization

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