Employee Profiles

Tom Poduch

Director of Logistics Design

Name: Tom Poduch

Current Job Title: Director of Logistics Design

Number of years at Transervice:  24

Education: I always say that I was educated at the University of Transervice.  I attended some college but never received a degree.  My education was definitely received “on the job.”


Chairman, TMW Systems Product Advisory Council, Final Mile Systems

2017 Pro to Know by Supply & Demand Chain (SDC) Executive Magazine

Military Service: None

When did you first join Transervice? March 24th, 1994

What was your first job with the company? My first job with Transervice was as a trailer and material handling service technician at Airborne Express International (AEI), which has since become DHL.

Talk about your career path at Transervice? My career path so far has been exciting, rewarding – yet extremely challenging.  Starting as a technician in the field, I was able to obtain valuable (and irreplaceable) experience physically turning wrenches.  I also had a passion for technology which was quickly realized by the company.  The company gave me the opportunity to perform my field duties during the day while utilizing and developing technology to meet the needs of our corporate teams at night.

Since then, I have had a wide exposure to both field and corporate operations retaining a wide array of positions including:

Service Technician, Servicing Air Express International, Franklin Park, IL

Service Technician, Servicing Entenmann’s, Northlake, IL

Administrator, Servicing Transervice Corporate, Des Plaines, IL

Assistant Maintenance Manager, Servicing Walgreens, Berkeley, IL

Assistant Manager Reclamation / Inbound Freight Handling, Servicing Waldbaums, Central Islip, NY

Manager Inbound Freight Handling, Servicing Jewel Foods, Melrose Park, IL

Administrator, Servicing Transervice Corporate, Des Plaines, IL

Sales Administrator, Servicing Transervice Corporate, Lake Success, NY

Sales Administrator, Servicing Transervice Corporate, Des Plaines, IL

Director of Logistics Design, Servicing Transervice Corporate, Des Plaines, IL

I am extremely appreciative that I have had the benefit of these experiences.  The depth of involvement I have had, with almost every current and prior client in both hands-on and analytical roles, has allowed for me to apply both practical and conceptual knowledge to every facet of my career.

Describe your current job responsibilities: I am privileged to work on one of the most creative, analytical and forward thinking teams within Transervice.  Our current primary responsibilities are threefold:

1 – Support the Sales Efforts.  Our team analyzes and develops all financial proposals for Transervice.  In addition to the creation of financials, the Team creates customized logistics design analysis, maintenance recommendations and leasing options for our entire perspective and existing client base.  The Team is also often called upon to present our findings and analysis to some of the most well-known corporations in America, at the highest executive levels.

2 – Logistics Field Technology.  The Team oversees deployment, usage, analysis and support of our field-based logistics technologies.  Some of these technologies include OBC/ELDs, dispatch systems, routing and utilization systems, mapping services, vehicle telematics and video telematics.

3 – Ad-Hoc.  The Team is regularly called upon to solve complex problems of great variety.  These problems can be as simple as developing a specific set of reporting, to restructuring supply chain segments of a client’s network.  Additional significant tasks include business intelligence analytics, consulting, software testing, data mining and process development.

What do you like most about your job at Transervice? What I have always enjoyed most about working at Transervice is the ability to share my opinion with the key executive leaders of the company.  Regardless of how big or small an idea was, the potential impact of a process or system I wanted to discuss or simply something that I may have been struggling with, the Executive Team would always take the time to listen.  I have always felt that my voice was heard, my opinion valued and that I have an influence on substantial changes to the company.  What I enjoy even more is that this line of communication is not a privilege that only I enjoy – everyone in the company is afforded the same courtesy.

How would you describe your work environment? Surprisingly “chill.”  For the Chicago office, which also houses members of the Berkeley Lease Team, we are under constant project deadlines.  The tremendous volume of work in which we produce, combined with those strict deadlines and responsibilities, can easily create a very stressful atmosphere.  As a result, we have flexibility allowing for us to create an atmosphere that is employee focused.  As we jokingly say that our office is our first home, having a well-balanced team that works together is critical – we have no functional silos and share in the load together.  Expectations and milestones are clearly identified; however, each employee has the freedom to approach each project in their own unique way without being boxed into a process or method.

What do you love best about the culture here? Transervice is a company that truly cares about its employees.  This is shown through not only physical communication but in our programs.  From wellness programs to award recognition, Thanksgiving certificates to holidays gifts, driver & technician appreciation to the Anniversary Club.  These programs and perks, which consume significant time and resources, have always been a part of our history and have grown with our employee base – not because the company “has to,” it is because they “want to.”

What attracted you to working in this industry? Nothing!  Ironically this was not an industry that I ever anticipated participating in, and in all honesty, I simply needed a job.  The difference became clear when Transervice afforded me the opportunity to not only work but to train me to succeed.  They were investing in me and my future.  They were able to see abilities in me that I did not see in myself at the time.  I may not have been attracted to this industry initially, but Transervice ensured that I had the training, tools and motivation to be a significant part of it.  Little did I know then, but I would grow to become extremely passionate about the logistics and fleet service industry!  That passion continues to grow today!

What advice would you give to someone interested in working for Transervice? It sounds cliché, but “do the work.”  Do the work to the best of your ability every day and you will succeed.  I enjoy when someone asks “how long I have been here” and the reaction I get when I tell them.  Tenure seems to be more of a rarity in modern times, however at Transervice seasoned tenure is commonplace.  Any company can hire a worker.  Transervice hires people.

If you are interested in being a part of the Transervice team, be prepared to become part of a culture where you will have the opportunity to add your story to our already rich history.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Hobbies? Interests? My spare time is consumed with my family!  I enjoy the precious time I get to spend with my wife Amy, daughter Morgan and son Brady.  We love to travel as often as possible, and we spend the few warm available Chicago weekends boating in our hometown.

What’s your favorite meal? Shrimp?  Crab?  Lobster?  I’m in!  However, with a wife who is allergic to shellfish, it becomes a rarity that I have an opportunity to enjoy it – perhaps that is why it is my favorite!  It really is a special treat when I have a chance to indulge!

What’s your favorite place to visit? Just about anywhere near (or on) water with a sunset that I can enjoy.  A rare chance to think about nothing, relax and let the world pass by.

What was the first concert you attended? Rush at the Rosemont Horizon in 1991!