Employee Profiles

Taki Darakos

Vice President of Maintenance

Name: Taki Darakos

Current Job Title: Vice President of Maintenance

Number of years at Transervice: 6

Education: Bachelor of Science Biological Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, Leadership Pittsburgh Leadership Development Initiative Program.

Military Service: 6, Military Intelligence and Signal Corps.  Left service in July 2001.  I learned so much about people and leadership while in the military and still apply many of those principles today.

When did you first join Transervice? August 2011

What was your first job with the company? Assistant Vice President – Walgreens

Talk about your career path at Transervice? I came to the company because I saw here the opportunity to grow, learn and contribute at a very high level.  I spent 5 years supporting the Walgreens’ operation prior to moving into my current role last year.

Describe your current job responsibilities:  As the VP of Maintenance, my role is to ensure that our shops and technicians have the tools, skills and resources available to provide great service to our customers.  That is what they expect us to do.

What do you like most about your job at Transervice? Providing our field team with the tools, training, and support that they need to be successful!

How would you describe your work environment? Relaxed but focused.  I believe that in this industry it’s important not to get too high or too low.  You have to be able to see ahead and be able to change course when needed.

What do you love best about the culture here?  You don’t have to go through layers of management to get something done.  Transervice is a fairly flat organization in terms of structure.

What attracted you to working in this industry? I was first attracted to the culture of my first employer, Schneider National.  At the time, Don Schneider, was very involved in the organization.  It was a Midwest culture, centered around the people.

What advice would you give to someone interested in working for Transervice?  Have goals.  Where do you want to go?  Set a plan. Continue to learn and grow.  Whether at Transervice, or another company, the people that are going to be successful in the new world are the ones that continue to move forward without having to be prodded.  Be all in!  It will serve you well.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I enjoy spending time with my family.

Hobbies? Gardening, cycling. My wife and kids ride during the summer on the weekends.  We started riding 4.5 miles and worked our way up to 20.  The goal as a family is to one day do the MS150 fundraiser.  It’s 150 miles over two days.  I also love to read and learn about new things.  Life today is moving so fast and it’s important to always keep growing.

What’s your favorite meal? Fresh seafood

What’s your favorite place to visit? Greece

What was the first concert you attended? Bell Biv Devoe