Employee Profiles

Jesse Smith

Professional Livestock Transporter

Name: Jesse Smith

Current Job Title: Professional livestock transporter

Number of years at Transervice: 1

Education: CDL

Military Service: Staff Sargent in U.S. Army

When did you first join Transervice? November 2016

What was your first job with the company? Driver

Talk about your career path at Transervice? It seems like there is a lot of room for development.

Describe your current job responsibilities:  We have fetch and haul days. On fetch days, pigs are loaded into the eight pens on the trailer. On haul days, they are driven to the plant. I go to the same farms every couple of months but there are no set routes.

What do you like most about your job at Transervice?  I like driving on the back rural roads. There are not a whole lot of places where you need to drive a 53-foot semi-trailer on gravel roads. I did a lot of that in the military as far as driving on little back roads. It’s more entertaining and I like the challenge of it versus just driving down the highway.

How would you describe your work environment? Right now I am happy being a driver because I have a little girl who is about to be three. I was a supervisor in the military and over at Sysco Foods and my phone was ringing non-stop. I needed to get away from that. Now when I’m home, I’m home. That’s what I like about driving. Once I get back home, I can leave work behind. And my family loves be being home every night.

I drive a 2017 Volvo day cab with an automated transmission. It doesn’t get any easier to drive. It shifts faster than I could. The truck works great and doesn’t break down. It’s comfortable and easy to drive and gets cleaned out after each haul. And now we have brand new EBY trailers.

What do you love best about the culture at Transervice? When I was first hired they were developing a brand new division called CF (Christensen Farms division of Transervice) I was in the first group of drivers that was asked to give input in the development stage, reviewing the schedules and seeing the plan.

What attracted you to working in this industry? It’s what I did in the military. The work and pay are good and you get to drive around and see different places. Not t mention I’m good at it, too!

What advice would you give to someone interested in working for Transervice? Keep a clean driving record. If you don’t have enough driving experience, be sure to keep your head up at your current job until the opportunity comes to work at Transervice.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Hobbies? Interests? I like riding on my Harley. And I support my local community by attending fairs and other events.

What’s your favorite meal? My wife’s spaghetti.

What’s your favorite place to visit? Alaska.  I lived there for 3 years and it’s just beautiful!

What was the first concert you attended? I like listening to music but I’ve never been to a big concert; don’t like being around a big crowd of people.