Dispatch and GPS Tracking

Dispatch and GPS Tracking Systems

Utilizing our Transportation Management Software, Transervice is able to easily download customer orders and develop a dispatch plan. This system is EDI capable and is used for shipment planning and scheduling, driver and equipment assignments and activity management such as load tracking.

In operations where a high level of control is desired by customers Transervice can equip tractors, trucks and/or trailers with GPS tracking systems. Here are some of the details:

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) – we can easily track the movements of your vehicles, employees, and freight at all times and communicate with drivers. The system allows for event-driven status monitoring.
  • Manage and Secure Assets – GPS/AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) technology is combined with state-of-the art alarm and sensor technology in an innovative way.
  • Cargo Security – we can even supply a GPS package with an alarm system offering state-of-the-art vehicle protection. This GPS tracking system has a unique combination of alarms and an ignition kill switch. Notification is made immediately to Transervice and its Customer and to the Central Station. The vehicle cannot be moved or towed without notification due to motion and breakage sensors and high-security restricted key configuration.
  • Covert Installation – some criminals have learned to defeat GPS devices that are installed on vehicle roofs by vandalizing or covering them up. This renders the GPS device unable to operate or see the sky. But one of our preferred GPS suppliers is not vulnerable in this respect as it is covertly installed.
  • Fuel Efficiency – the system provides an audit trail, for example we would know how long vehicles have been idling during the course of the day. This allows us to analyze fuel efficiency

Dispatch and GPS Tracking Systems

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