Dedicated Contract Carriage

A Customized Turn-Key Transportation Solution

Dedicated Contract CarriageCustomized Turn-Key Transportation SolutionFor more than 45 years, we have developed expert transportation solutions for a large number of leading fleets across North America. Whether your network is designed for store door delivery, inter-facility transportation, plant to customer distribution centers or a combination thereof, Transervice has proven to be a highly reliable, very responsive and cost effective provider.

Transervice Will Improve Customer Service And Control Costs

Customer Service And Cost ControlOur dedicated contract carriage services are based upon Full Disclosure, Gain Sharing, and Maximum Rate Guarantee. These services give our customers peace of mind and added protection.

We Deliver The Results You Need By Engineering And Tailoring A Solution Around Your Unique Needs – All From A Single Source

We Provide:

  • We Deliver The Results You NeedAsset acquisition so there is no capital investment required by you.
  • A thorough Fleet Routing Analysis utilizing our state-of-the-art software to right size your fleet based upon customer order history, delivery windows, loading time and other customer requirements resulting in optimized scheduling.
  • Improved utilization of power and trailers, reduction in miles and fuel consumption.
  • The right number of experienced drivers, dispatchers, admin support, plus operations management and equipment service technicians. We provide the HR services and expertise.
  • Responsibility for and highly effective Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations if your work force is unionized.
  • Procurement of the required vehicles, equipment and their complete maintenance including purchase of your existing fleet if so desired.
  • All operating supplies such as fuel, tires and replacement parts under National Account purchasing contracts.
  • Comprehensive Loss Control, Insurance Coverage and Performance Based Safety Programs.
  • Compliance Expertise and Support Systems (DOT, OSHA, EPA).
  • 24-hour customer support and onboard equipment technology as required.
  • No investment on your part; our financing solutions reduce your costs.
  • Backhaul support that can help maximize equipment utilization and lower Carbon Footprint.
  • Contact Us today at (888) 858-7570 to learn why a growing number of leading companies are relying on Transervice for their complete turn-key dedicated contract carriage.