“We are looking for individuals who are resourceful, knowledgeable, have a dedicated type personality, particularly to the customer. Somebody who can grow from that position to another position.”

Transervice’s Success Is Built On The Excellence Of Our Employees

Our business delivers Fully Customized Fleet Transportation Solutions for our customers. Our success with these solutions each operating day depends on our dedicated Transervice employees. We never forget this as new ideas and the passion for work are what we look for in our team of employees.

Today we operate at more than 120 locations throughout North America. At work or elsewhere we enjoy the community of being a Transervice employee. Teamwork and diversity are what you will find here at Transervice. If you are a serious yet fun loving individual who is a self-starter and can handle challenges, then Transervice might be the right career move for you.  Our current workforce comprises of 1,200 associates, including over a thousand drivers and technicians.

We believe that by offering career opportunities that allow for growth we can continue to fuel the engine that drives the solutions we deliver to our customers. Most of the managerial and leadership positions in our company have been filled by people who have grown with us and come up through the ranks over the years.

What Careers In Transportation Does Transervice Provide?

Our business is dependent on employee excellence across many job positions. While transportation is dependent on trucks and equipment, the number of career paths for you to choose is broad.

We offer a variety of careers such as:

  • Drivers
  • Fleet Technicians
  • Transportation Managers and Dispatchers
  • Administration
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Logistics Design
  • Sales Directors

If you are driven to be a part of a highly professional and competent team that is both constantly growing its business and is focused on customer satisfaction, then Transervice can make a difference in your career.

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Any questions about your recent application, please feel free to reach us at 800.541.6294.

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