About us

Our People

Our mission at Transervice is to provide our Customers with the best solutions resulting in improved customer service and controlled costs delivering bottom line advantages that can be sustained long term.

Recognizing the significant contributions that come from all levels of employees, the diversity of individuals and ideas, we have learned that top management does not have a monopoly on creativity and innovativeness.

We encourage open communication, the development of skills and increasing knowledge, dedication to excellence and of course teamwork. All of this is easy to say but often challenging which is why we ask every Transervice employee to participate in the process of continuously improving the company and not just come to Transervice to work.

We at Transervice are particularly proud of the stability in our Company. We honor our employees by inducting them into our Employee Anniversary Club and to become a member in the Club you must be employed with the Company for 10 years. Every 5 years, beginning at the 10th anniversary, the employee is acknowledged as an honoree at a particularly note worthy social event and receives a special gift. The Anniversary Club has many members with the Company more than 20 years, a good number more than 30 years and includes an employee hired by the Company more than 40 years ago when it was founded. The quality of the organization is characterized by the long tenure of many of our employees.

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