About us

Our Management

Our management team is totally involved in operating the business and dedicated to its philosophy and ideals. We like to think that we have very good vision, understand the issues facing logistics and transportation and are committed to bringing effective and efficient solutions to our customers.

We know that our Customers are the foundation of our business and we will always ensure that we bring real value to the relationship. We always support our customers and go the extra mile to deliver service excellence.

Based in Lake Success, New York Transervice maintains regional and local facilities across North America with more than 120 locations and over 24,000 pieces of equipment under management.

Our Senior Management Team

Edward J. Flannigan, Chairman

Dennis M. Schneider, President

Joseph N. Evangelist, Executive Vice President

Eric R. Sklar, Chief Financial Officer

John Walker, Senior Vice President of Logistics

Wolfgang Marschhauser, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Taki Darakos, Vice President Fleet Operations and Maintenance

Pierre Bujold, Vice President of Canadian Operations

Terry Lutz, Vice President of Risk Management

Gina Lydakis, Vice President of Human Resources

Robert Kaempf, Vice President Controller

Last, our management does not believe in revolving doors when it comes to our people. Our approach to consistency is very basic. Find, attract and retain the number of professionals we need to sustain and grow and make sure they are the best available. Professionals that not only understand and share our vision, but are 100% ready and willing to dedicate themselves to satisfying our Customers.

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