About us



“The team at Transervice have built something that’s more of a family relationship and more unique than what you get in business. Everything that I’ve ever worked on with them, I could trust that it was going to be an honest discussion and true to their word in terms of everything that they say they’re going to do and deliver on.”

For close to 50 years, many of the world’s best-known brands have put their transportation needs and reputations in the hands of the trusted pros at Transervice.

Founded in 1969 Transervice has been the preferred choice of a growing number of North-America’s leading companies who appreciate our approach to forming business relationships designed for long term success. We have never managed the business looking only at the short term, month to month or quarter to quarter… we believe in managing for the long term and our Customers have benefitted from this philosophy.

Based in Lake Success, New York Transervice maintains regional and local facilities across North America with more than 120 locations and over 24,000 pieces of equipment under management.  Our current workforce comprises of 1,200 associates, including over a thousand drivers and technicians.

Transervice provides proven and innovative solutions with an authentic partnership approach in all five major offerings.

  • Dedicated Contract Maintenance
  • Dedicated Full Service Leasing
  • Dedicated Contract Carriage
  • Dedicated Material Handling Equipment Leasing and Maintenance
  • Freight Management

From Walgreen’s to Kroger to the New York Times to Roma Foods, we continue to grow our business with many nationally and regionally recognized Customers in business segments like Food Manufacturing and Retailing, Industrial Products, Communications, Retail Chain Stores, Publishing and others, many of whom are leaders in their industries and who have chosen Transervice to deliver the best Solutions with favorable impact on their bottom lines.

Why? Perhaps it is because Transervice is the only logistics company in North America that delivers an authentic partnership, a pricing philosophy based upon Full Disclosure – Open Book Pricing, Maximum Rate Guarantee and Gain Sharing.

In short, at Transervice, it is not about us, it is always About You and Your Success which becomes our success.

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Our People

Our mission at Transervice is to provide our Customers with the best solutions resulting in improved customer service and controlled costs delivering bottom line advantages that can be sustained long term.

Recognizing the significant contributions that come from all levels of employees, the diversity of individuals and ideas, we have learned that top management does not have a monopoly on creativity and innovativeness.

We encourage open communication, the development of skills and increasing knowledge, dedication to excellence and of course teamwork. All of this is easy to say but often challenging which is why we ask every Transervice employee to participate in the process of continuously improving the company and not just come to Transervice to work.

We at Transervice are particularly proud of the stability in our Company. We honor our employees by inducting them into our Employee Anniversary Club and to become a member in the Club you must be employed with the Company for 10 years. Every 5 years, beginning at the 10th anniversary, the employee is acknowledged as an honoree at a particularly note worthy social event and receives a special gift. The Anniversary Club has many members with the Company more than 20 years, a good number more than 30 years and includes the second employee hired by the Company more than 40 years ago when it was founded. The quality of the organization is characterized by the long tenure of many of our employees.

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Our Management

Our management team is totally involved in operating the business and dedicated to its philosophy and ideals. We like to think that we have very good vision, understand the issues facing logistics and transportation and are committed to bringing effective and efficient solutions to our customers.

We know that our Customers are the foundation of our business and we will always ensure that we bring real value to the relationship. We always support our customers and go the extra mile to deliver service excellence.

Based in Lake Success, New York Transervice maintains regional and local facilities across North America… more than 120 in total with over 24,000 pieces of equipment under management.

Last, our management does not believe in revolving doors when it comes to our people. Our approach to consistency is very basic. Find, attract and retain the number of professionals we need to sustain and grow and make sure they are the best available. Professionals that not only understand and share our vision, but are 100% ready and willing to dedicate themselves to satisfying our Customers.

Contact Us today at (888) 858-7570 to learn why a growing number of leading companies are relying on Transervice.